Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Super Casual

This post is late! I am usually ready by Sunday evening, with all my picture taking but I have only two more weeks to go before we leave for the whole of summer back to Malaysia and Singapore and I have been painting my son's room.

So it is now Monday evening and I have paint all over my hands and hair, have no makeup on so this is a perfect outfit from Inspiration Monday - so casual, without much effort.

I saw and tried this dress on at H&M this week, all the time thinking about the dress that Gwyneth Paltrow was wearing. It only cost $17.95 but I thought that it was a simple dress that I could sew. A tank top sewn to a gathered skirt so back to the rack it went. Isn't it sweet though? I am really inspired to sew it before I leave, or at least make it one of my summer sewing projects. I made myself look through what I already had.

I found my skirt 2 years ago at a thrift store, it was hand made and too long. I only altered it this weekend for this Inspiration Monday outfit, thank you for that bit of incentive, Two Birds! :) I threw on my "grandfather top" on - I bought it from Target and it is so comfortable that I sometimes wear it to bed for winter. See, I told you this is effortless!

  Hmm, I seem to have taken only pictures from a side view. I was in a hurry as it is late, and I have to prepare dinner and go back to painting so bear with me this week.

I was so lazy, I didn't even put socks on but these boots are so soft, they are like wearing soft Ugg Boots. I also wore them here.

Skirt: Thrifted 2 years ago $5
Suede Boots: Had them since Thanksgiving 2011
Tank Top: Giordano's from Singapore SG$8
Grandpa top: Target $6

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  1. Lovely colours Grace! You look lovely and that top looks gorgeously comfy! Which link is broken? I just tried it and it seemed fine!
    I see what you mean about the H&M dress, although you could just wear a skirt and a top to save sewing too I supppose!

  2. I love the skirt! The pattern is too fun! And the colors are awesome too! I do like the H&M dress too, anxious to see how it might turn out if you sew one!

  3. glad to be of service! ;) the skirt looks lovely on you, i love the color! and those boots are so cute. i love that you don't need to wear socks, even!

  4. Heh. You sure care about your blog alot! :) These clothes look extremely good on you. Man, Maybe for my blog, I should say: "Inspiration Monday: Grace". I couldn't have come up with a batter match myself! :D

  5. I absolutely love your skirt and your matching shirt! Can you tell me where you can find these two gorgeous outfits? It doesn't really tell me where you got them from. Anyways, You look marvelous!!!

    ~:) James

  6. you look adorable! i like the colors you you used for your outfit, & your boots DO look comfortable too. :)

  7. Nice monochrome blue outfit. The skirt is cute and a great buy. Welcome back to singapore! I am going for holiday in 2 weeks time too. Maybe if time permits we could meet up. Have a great summer holiday!


  8. Hi Grace, love the colour blocking of your outfit! And your boots definitely look ultra comfy!