Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rubicks Cube Costume

This is C's costume for tomorrow. As you can see, both their costumes are a little rough around the edges. The collar scrapes C's neck so I have to make a little "cushion" to go around his neck so that it will not hurt him as the night progresses.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Halloween Costume Completed

I have finished my first costume for J which he will wear to school for the Halloween parade at school on Friday. Now I am working on C's. The paint was absolutely foul, as I was spraying, it was so noxious that my throat was sore afterwards. I hope that the boys will be ok wearing it as it as dried and doesn't smell as bad.

This is J's costume. Not terribly happy with it, don't like the way the back buckles up so I have been working on some finishing touches to make it sit better. On the day itself, he will be wearing red pants and t-shirt to match.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friendship quilt

I will be pretty busy the next few days as I am rushing to make Halloween costumes for the boys and myself. Anyway, here is a little something I am working on at the moment… I am trying to use up all my scraps. For my applique work, I had been using the old fashion way, with cardboard and turning in the seam allowances. I discovered how easy it was to use iron on transfers! I was adamantly refusing to use them as I did not like the stiff feeling they gave my appliques. There is no turning back for me now as it is modern conveniences for me from now on!