Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Recently Completed

I saw a painting on the internet and I loved it so much so I decided to reproduce it. I had the hardest time with the background and I think if I am bothered enough, I will change it to navy some other time. Sorry that my photos are in varying sizes, I am very tech challenged and when I have it bigger, the picture messes up this whole screen.


This is the original (I wish I knew who the artist was so I could credit him or her) I love the dreamlike quality of this artist's work, I am training myself to paint in different styles and strokes but after a while, I let go trying to copy the brush strokes and just did it my way.

Leopard Jeans

I first saw Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook wearing a pair of leopard jeans and I wanted a pair immediately. However, I was not prepared to fork out almost $200 for a pair, so I just pinned it on my Pinterest, and forgot about it.

Then I read from Nanzy's Klozet that Target was selling leopard jeans in two colours for $22 and it could only be ordered online - so I order two pairs in different colours and in different sizes.
I loved both of them, but I prefer the tanned version. Sadly, that was the one in the larger size so I will have to return it. The size that I want is sold out online for both colours. I will have to see if it is available in the stores.
Today, it was so wonderfully warm - and tomorrow it will be 20 deg C (about 70 F, hello, is this really WINTER?) so I took the chance to take some pictures outside with my tripod.

(Matt took one look at this photo and said I looked really annoyed, as if I missed the bus.)

 The biggest thing I appreciate about taking pictures of myself wearing my clothes is that I get to really see how a piece fits on me. I was unaware how my behind looked until I took this shot.  A bit saggy in the tush, don't you think? It was then I also noticed how my crotch area was bunched up because I was trying to pull up the jeans - looks like I might have to also try to get this in a smaller size.

Faux leather bike jacket: Asos
Black top: Helmut Lang 
Necklace and handbag: Thrifted
Nude Pumps: Ann Taylor

What do you think of animal print jeans, would you consider having them as a staple in your wardrobe?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Sarah Jessica Parker

Happy President's Day and it's almost the end of Monday and we have enjoyed our long weekend very much. We went up skiing again even though the weather was very warm, the snow was melting and it was turning into mush. I crashed into a father and his very young toddler - they were standing in the middle of a wide space - and I had to run into them! Fortunately, the only one who suffered any form of pain was me. I cannot wait till I start skiing on the harder slopes, because I find that people congregate in groups to chat or have their lessons. It is terrifying because I am not good at turning yet so I pray every time I go down so I do not hit anyone. 

On to Inspiration Monday - we have Sarah Jessica Parker as an inspiration today. I love SJP and she is so daring with her colours and style; I would love to morph more into the way she dresses one day!

I love everything about this - her use of colours. I never would have thought of pairing two colours from the same family but it works very effectively. The red bag adds a nice contrast to the blue and she wears a fairly neutral pair of shoes.

I have a blue dress in this shade but I really lack sweaters or cardigans! (Must thrift for more! Any excuse will do!) So I looked at what I had in my closet and I do have a pink dress which I bought off Etsy and never worn before, because the weather has been too cold.

I paired it with a red sweater, seeing that pink was from the same family of colours, and this was probably the only red sweater I had, out of my 4 or 5 sweaters I own. It is made of possum hair, yes, you heard me right! I bought this from Australia when I was back two summers ago. 

It was too cold for me to go out without any sort of leggings or stockings - but hey, it's all in the name of blogging that I do this. :)

If you know me well enough, you would probably bolted upright on your chair very because I am not a girly sort of girl - so this dress is really not something I would normally wear. I was so taken with the softness of it when I saw it on Pinterest one day and spent days, weeks thinking about it. It was shipped from Bangkok so there was no way of knowing if it would even fit me, as the sizes are different there. I am happy to say that it did.

Hair clip with flowers, bought for RM3 in Malaysia (less than US$1)

 I found these shoes at TJ Maxx this week for $29. I left the size tags on because at first I was unsure if I would return them. They are a keeper!

Gold clutch: Bought through Ideeli for $29

Hope every one of you have a good week ahead. Linking up with Inspiration Monday over at Two Birds.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Red

It has been a while since I blogged because I had some renovations done at my house. I was reluctant to dress up, set up a tripod and take a photo in front of so many workers because I felt a bit embarrassed.

We are taking a break and in between phases of renovating the house I saw this picture on Two Birds - and I thought, "Neat! I have most of the pieces!"

It has been a warm winter but this weekend, it finally felt like winter. Coupled with wind chills, temperatures dipped down to 19 deg F or -15 C. We had a chance to go skiing and I took my second class. I am happy to report that I think I have found my skiing legs and it was so fun. I only fell once!

Today was no different in temperatures and this is why I took indoor photos.

My jacket is very old, I have had it since my first year at university. it has seen better days and it is a tad too big for me. It will soon be donated to the thrift store.

The handbag was a Goodwill find for $7 and it was brand new with tags still attached.

Jcrew white shirt (thrifted) $7

Scarf, $17 from a consignment store. (I need to learn new ways to tie a scarf)

Suede Shoes: Mattisse, a Black Friday purchase for $49.00

Linking up here with Two Birds.