Monday, February 13, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Red

It has been a while since I blogged because I had some renovations done at my house. I was reluctant to dress up, set up a tripod and take a photo in front of so many workers because I felt a bit embarrassed.

We are taking a break and in between phases of renovating the house I saw this picture on Two Birds - and I thought, "Neat! I have most of the pieces!"

It has been a warm winter but this weekend, it finally felt like winter. Coupled with wind chills, temperatures dipped down to 19 deg F or -15 C. We had a chance to go skiing and I took my second class. I am happy to report that I think I have found my skiing legs and it was so fun. I only fell once!

Today was no different in temperatures and this is why I took indoor photos.

My jacket is very old, I have had it since my first year at university. it has seen better days and it is a tad too big for me. It will soon be donated to the thrift store.

The handbag was a Goodwill find for $7 and it was brand new with tags still attached.

Jcrew white shirt (thrifted) $7

Scarf, $17 from a consignment store. (I need to learn new ways to tie a scarf)

Suede Shoes: Mattisse, a Black Friday purchase for $49.00

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  1. you look fabulous! red is a great color on you. and that bag is amazing! i can't believe how little you paid for it!

  2. i really dig your outfit. you look great! i like how you exchanged the leopard scarf for zebra. i want you boots. good to know you found your skiing legs. ;)

  3. love that jacket and your bag, what a great find x

  4. Thanks for all your nice comments ladies.

  5. great thrifted stuff Grace! That blazer looks gorgeous, I like the color a lot, maybe you can do some alteration so you don't need to donate it. You look refreshing in this outfit, I like the striped scarf, goes perfectly with the red blazer!