Monday, June 6, 2011

Revisiting Some Book Cases

Remember a month ago, I bought some ratty old laminated book cases? I was tired of building my own so I decided to just buy em and repaint them.

These go down to our basement. I spent nothing on the paint as I already had them on hand.

This might probably be my last post as I will be heading back to Asia and Australia for the whole of summer, unless I go thrifting there...which is very likely! :) Happy holidays, everyone!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Floors

I have been out of action for the last month due to the floors being redone. I can't believe that it has taken this long but it has been almost a month since we hired people to come do the floors. As such, we have been living with no furniture in most of the rooms and all our other furniture crammed in the kitchen and family room. It has not been that bad but it has hampered my desire to go out to thrift shop because I would come back with something and pile it into the family room, making it look messier. In short, the messy house put me off thrifting and I started to purge my old stuff!

I am glad to say that finally the floors are finished as of Friday 3 June. Below is the original floor and stairway with the dirty carpets.

Now here they are, darkened and painted. (the stairs were painted by a professional - I helped him because I was learning from him as I went along) Boy, I thought I was a perfectionist, but this man was bad. He kept saying to me, as I taped blue painter's tape on the steps, "No good, re- tape them again!" so many times! The tape would prevent the paint from going onto the floor. I have to order some stair carpets next because they are slippery when we wear socks around the house - something we would do in winter as it gets so freezing cold here. I can see accidents happening if we didn't. It's a shame because I love the wood floor so much and the steps that I don't want to hide them.


I am going to move the chandelier down so there is more lighting but I will post a picture of that when it is done. The baseboards (trim on the bottom of the walls) has been sanded and I have yet to paint them. Going to tackle that this week. I also painted the walls (which is why I have been missing for a few weeks) but I could not reach the top floor so I had to get a friend to help me.

In 2 weeks' time, I am heading back to Malaysia, Singapore and then Australia to see my family and I will be gone for the whole of summer. So excited to see everyone again. What will you all be doing this summer?