Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrifted Finds: Shirt Dress/Tunic

I mentioned in the previous post that I have found many things lately while thrifting, and I thought I'd do a little show and tell of one of them. I found this shirt dress at Goodwill for under $5 and it is from Banana Republic.  It is a little roomy around my hips and waist but it is quite tight around my arms. I also thought I might take some pictures indoors for a change. My living room is a work in progress, I am paralysed by indecision as to what kind of furniture to place in that room.  That painting in the back was painted by me and it represents the suburbs we used to live in Melbourne, Australia. Let me say that it is not an original idea, I saw a picture of it hanging on someone's home on the internet and I loved it.


This is the painting.

My shoes are new and dear readers, if there is anything I cannot resist, it would be shoes. I found these Calvin Klein sandals last week at TJ Maxx for $50, and they are really comfortable for their height.

I accessorised it with a chunky gold necklace from Goodwill's (old) and a tortoiseshell bracelet from H&M from my sons to me on Christmas day. The handbag in the first picture is vintage Coach, from Salvation Army $15.00

Another view of those shoes.

I love the thrift store near my house because the ladies there are all retired seniors who know their shoppers by name. As I picked up the dress, I also bought a red belt for $1.50 and one of the lady volunteers commented, "Oh you could wear this belt with the dress!" They are so helpful in giving me fashion advice, and I appreciate it!

I love my red open toed shoes; I have worn them with so many outfits, who knew that one could get so much wear out of red shoes? 

My silly shot. 

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  1. lovely dress and what a thrifty find! The red accents create a fun outfit, the brown and gold accents makes it a classy and neutral one. Nice remixing. And I looove the painting especially the 3-D effect! Great job Grace! You are so talented!