Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrifted Finds: Gray Skirt Disaster and Coral Blazer

I have been having such a big score with thrifting these past few weeks, usually clothes in my size are a bit difficult to find so I end up altering them but it is nice to find clothes that you don't need to adjust. Last week, I went to a thrift store further from my home. Goodwill in Rockville dry cleans all their clothes and they leave the dry cleaning tags on so that the customer knows that they have been cleaned. However, I suspect this drives up the pricing of the clothes. Still, I am happy to get a clean piece of clothing because it takes away the trouble of getting them cleaned yourself .

I found the skirt and the coral blazer this week, the skirt was a size 14 but I could alter it. The jacket was size 2P, a wee bit boxy but the shoulders and sleeve lengths were great.


I had a bit of a disaster with the skirt. It was made beautifully and I think it was a skirt made to sit below the waistline. I wanted it up all the way to my waist so that I did not have to take up the hemline so I took 8 inches off the sides. However, after I did that, I realized that the zip was a short one which did not give me room to open out the waistline a lot.  I really had to squeeze into the skirt as I could barely get it past my hips! I just wanted it to be quick and simple but the result was a bunching at the back just below the waistline. Sorry, I did not iron the skirt, I did not realize this until after I had uploaded the pictures.

See how it is collecting at the back?

As I put this skirt on for the shoot, I heard a rip as I struggled to get into the skirt. It cost me $3.98 so I will think about re-purposing the fabric for some other craft. It is too big a job to fix it now that I have done away with the excess fabric at the start.

Or, I could just wear it like this, with a longer t-shirt over it. I just bought this stripey top from H&M for $5.95.  The longer top would cover my mistakes.

For now, I will just enjoy it as it is, until I find another gray skirt that I can mess around with.  The Banana Republic coral blazer cost me $6.98

I also found this Chanel inspired flap bag at the thrift store for $2.00. 

My shoes are also thrifted, from last week's post.

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Have a great week finding treasures!


  1. I am so sorry about hthe mess! Dran it, that skirt is sure lovely though. Sometimes when I have clothes that are just abit too loose of big, I use the shirring technique. You may have heard of that and it works well for me. I found this blog that is very inspiring and she has tons of DIYs that you can find inspiration and ideas of, you might want to check it out and it might give you ideas on what to do with your skirt if you want to repurpose it or something. hehehe... http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.com/

  2. Wow, you are such an amazing thrift shopper and seamstress! I wish I lived closer so you could teach ME how to sew, ha! Sorry about the rip, but I like your idea about covering it with a t-shirt. Super cute blazer by the way and I love the bag! Have a great Thursday!

    xo Grace