Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrifted Finds: Kelly Green Dress

On the weekend, I did something I thought was pretty hardcore. I got up at 6am so I could go to a garage sale by 7am. How crazy is that? I saw an Estate Sale being advertised in Craigslist and it went something like this, "My grandparents' house have been sold, so everything must go." And they put up a bunch of pictures, showing a cluttered space. In that photo, I saw two boxes of LGB trains being sold. They are electric trains that are made to run outdoors, in the snow and they puff real smoke! They were made in Germany until 2009 when the company went bust so it was bought over by another company. The trains are now made in China and they are no longer the same quality as before. So the vintage trains are in high demand and my boys are collecting parts. I thought I would be the first there but when I got there 5 mins after the garage sale opened, it was GONE. My only consolation was that it sold for $300, similar to what I would have paid on Ebay.

Anyway, I decided to drop in on several other garage sales and picked up some dresses. This one was brand new, the tag was still on. $3.00. Can't argue with that sort of price but I did not realize that it had this hole in the front, creating a peekaboo for my cleavage. The folds in front were a little strange too. Sometimes I get so caught up with the price being so cheap I don't really look at what I am buying. $3.00 is hardly anything but I am then saddled with something I might not wear.

Peekaboo! What do you think? :)

What I liked about the dress aside from the colour is that it is has this Spanx shape wear underneath to hold down all my bumps and bits sticking out. Believe me, I have them! It just helps to slim down my tummy and my behind.

 This is how I would probably accessorize it, the pink necklace, thrifted from last week at $5.00 and the cheap belt from Ebay I mentioned here just to take away the attention from the "hole".

Well maybe not so successfully but it hides it a little!

My handbag, Nine West $4.00

Shoes are newish - from TJ Maxx $39.00

I think I like it enough to wear it every now and then. Would love to hear your thoughts and read about what you have thrifted last week! Linking up to Thrifter's Anonymous.

Thrifters Anonymous


  1. I love it but would probably prefer a straight-line to an A-line skirt. Keep on thrifting - it's good for the soul! LOL!

  2. Pretty color!!! I have that necklace in blue!! Love it! Thanks for linking up!


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  3. The necklace was definitely a great addition to cover up the hole, although I thought it looked fine in its original state as well. Great find for only $3.