Monday, May 28, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Hot and Bothered

Happy Memorial Day! This is a day important to Americans to remember their fallen soldiers. Most people celebrate by having a BBQ by their pool. It was also a very hot day today - about 30 degs C and we lost power! So we had no choice but to have a BBQ as our whole house is run on electricity and our cook top stove is electric.  We had no water, as we have a well, which has a pump run by electricity so we had to use water out of bottles sparingly

I had my face in pimple cream which leaves white marks all over - and of course, I had no water to wash my face with so you will only get a headless picture of me today. This week's inspiration is Halle Berry. It doesn't look anything remotely like her does it? But I love what she is wearing!

My take on it - this is the only neon thing I own in my closet. I have been on the lookout for all things neon at thrift stores but they are quite rare. I found this though for $5.00.  My capris are old, old, old! There are mud stains on them and I am about to throw them out. But only after this Inspiration Monday post! :)

The sales have been quite crazy leading up to Memorial Day. Most of the thrift stores were having 50% discounts. I found this playful plastic necklace for $5.00. I had a great, great week with finds from thrift stores, which I will post about separately.

 Please try to ignore that I did not iron my pants for the shoot - no electricity, remember? At least that is my excuse..

My shoes are from a garage sale - my neighbour was having one and her mother was getting rid of her Ferragamo shoes in my size so I bought two pairs! This one cost me $20, what a steal. She also had Lily Pulitzer clothes but her prices were pretty steep for a garage sale. It was my first year in the USA and I did not really know who Lily Pulitzer was but I liked the bright colours!

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  1. I like the shoes. Sounds like one amazing garage sale.

  2. I love those Ferragamos...what a steal! And your neon top is so on color for your bbq. You have to be the best dressed momma at any bbq by the way :-)

  3. Hi Grace,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. :) I like your version as well. It's got this Jackie-O vibes to it, very chic and sassy. The Ferragamo shoes are an absolute bargain!!! They look really new to me.

    I wish I have that opportunity too. You are really lucky! *envious*
    I hope the electricity is back up by now. Have a lovely week ahead.


  4. I love the color of that top, such a happy bright color green, so perfect for summer! Looks lovely against all the white. I am so wimpy about white pants, I tend to shy away from them, but I like the look on others!

  5. i love the neon shirt! and what great deals you got on the whole outfit!! i hope your power is back on!!

  6. Oooh, the shoes are lovely! I'd definitely wear those, nice height! The neon top has a lovely shape! Shame about the stains on the trousers- have you tried using Vanish?! Ironing? What's that when it's at home? I try to avoid it (that said, I DID actually iron my trousers!)