Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Tunic

I have to be honest, when I saw this week's inspiration picture, I wasn't very inspired. I wasn't sure what Kerry Washington was wearing - was it a very long shirt or a very short dress? Nevertheless, I wanted to do this because it makes me take a hard look at my wardrobe and forces me think outside the box in terms of how I would suit this to my style.

What I did like about her tunic was the studded effect - I don't have anything like this but I do have a chambray tunic which I bought from Ebay for $6.00. I have never worn it because I bought it in winter and have been waiting for the weather to turn warmer. Today is a GORGEOUS day, around 25 deg C (over 70s) perfect for photo taking.

At first, I wore this tunic like a short dress, just like the picture. It was very short, I felt it was "incomplete" as my son, who took my picture, said, "Mum, go inside, you forgot to put on your pants." He was embarrassed, the poor kid. Then I put on short leggings but I didn't like it either.

Excuse my pasty legs, they need to see some sunlight, something I intend to remedy with the warmer days coming up!

 See, I look like I am just wearing the tunic like Kerry Washington?

Aha, but underneath, I put on the a pair of shorts, for a bit of "protection"! I wish that I had different coloured pair of shorts. But the idea is  to look like I am wearing a short dress but, just in case the wind blows hard, at least my private bits are left...private. Wouldn't want to blind anyone!

Since my chambray shirt is pleated, it is already very busy so I decided to bling it up by wearing loads of my old bracelets collected over the years. In my collection is - a Fossil Mickey Mouse watch, I used to collect all things Mickey Mouse at high school, so this is a very old watch! All other bracelets were from Jordan, Australia and Malaysia - a reflection of  the countries we lived in, and given to me by friends from those places.

I only remembered to do my silly shot after much later:

I noticed that my shirt shows up in different shades of blue for each photo because I stood in the bright afternoon sun and the others, I was in my gazebo.  The true colour is the silly shot above.

I hope you have a great start to the week, the weather is looking really super and thank you for dropping by!

Chambray shirt: Miley Cyrus (she was one unfortunate person who had her private bits photographed recently, would have helped if she put on some underwear, lol) from Ebay new with tag, $6.00
Shorts: Very old pair!
Shoes: Etienne Aigner, TJ Maxx $29
Silver necklace: From Chatuchak Market, Thailand
Bracelets: See above

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  1. your son is too funny! i love this shirt dress on you and you certainly have the legs to wear it as a dress, but i understand how you feel!

  2. your son is so cute! I like this shirt dress ...looks great with the accessories and red pumps. The last pose is so cute :-)