Sunday, April 29, 2012

Copycat Friday: Dahlia Capris

It is that time of the month where we get to copy someone who inspires our sense of dressing. I love Bee from Atlantic Pacific, she is the Queen of Layering and piling on the bling. This is the image that inspired me.

I had purchased the capris from Jcrew when they had their spring sale and have worn them several times. As it is my first pants purchase from them, I was uncertain about the fit but as it is a final sale, returns were not allowed. It is just a tad loose in the waist but nothing a belt can't fix. I also have the same shoes as Bee - I love them so much. I just need to walk very carefully with them as they are about 10cm heels. (4 inches)

I love these Blog challenges because I would not have considered pairing my capris with a military style jacket until now. I tend to click my images in Pinterest and save them for later, not really scrutinizing them. Are you like that too?

Shirt: From Singapore
Jacket: Forever 21
Capris: Jcrew (Available here)
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Coach, thrifted
Necklace: Consignment Store

After the photos were taken, my youngest son ran excitedly to us to inform us that a bird had built a nest on his brother's bedroom window sill. After a bit of reading on the net, we found out it was a Mourning Dove. Towards the night, my son who was so captivated with it, scared it away by getting too close and there were two eggs in the nest. We are really sad about it because the night is freezing and the bird has not returned. Does anyone know if the eggs will survive a cold night, about 40s?

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  1. lovely inspiration, I like her outfit and I like how you interpret it too. The pants has a stunning color and I like the contrast of the military style shirt jacket. Wow, you have the same fabulous shoes too!