Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Emma Watson

Happy Monday everyone! I know I am probably one of the very few who look forward to the week because I do crave some "me" time after hectic weekends. I love my family but I am more productive during the week. The house gets cleaned, and errands get run. Most importantly, I get to go thrift store shopping. Just kidding.

I love Emma Watson. Brits are fantastic, they have rapier sharp wit and I adore their comedies. Mind Your Language, Goodness Gracious Me, 'Ello "Ello to name a few. These all go back in the 80s and they would not be shown now because they are so politically incorrect.

I love what Emma is wearing. She is showing off her very nice legs and I love the juxtaposition of her soft florals and rugged leather. I have four leather jackets but nothing cropped like hers so I went with my denim one.

This was initially what I came up with.

After I took the photo, I thought that Emma's outfit was more about mixing patterns and I was more color blocking. So I had to re look at my skirts to come up with something closer.

I read from home decor magazines that when it comes to pattern mixing, one could mix bigger patterns with smaller ones so this was what I did with my skirt and my top.

The necklace was a gift from my neighbour's 15 year old daughter. Her youth group at church had this program where they tried to raise awareness for all the hungry people in Latin America and she fasted for a whole weekend. She baked cookies, sold them, wrote to her teachers and neighbours to be sponsored and raise money. She managed to raise three times the total amount of all the other participants there. As a thank you gift, she gave this necklace to me, made by one of the village people she was trying to promote. I am shocking, I don't remember which part of the world it is.

Hope you have a good week ahead, I am so excited that it will be warming up from Thursday onwards, I get to wear skirts and dresses, woo hoo!

Denim jacket: More than 10 years, from Malaysia
Top: From Singapore
Skirt: From Singapore
Wedges: Dolce Vita, from TJ Maxx $39

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  1. i love both looks. the colorblock skirt is beautiful. and those dolce vita sandals are amazing. i love the necklace. how sweet of your neighbor to give you that! and good for her for raising the money!

  2. I love the first outfit. Your skirt, shoes...amazing!

  3. That second skirt is SO adorable! I love the colors!

    I love British tv shows too, though the ones I've watched are a little newer than the 80's, there are still some really good ones from over there!

  4. I really like that last skirt (as well as the pretty first one!) You look lovely and I love your unusual orange shoes! I presume you mean strips of t-shirts not stripes?!! ;-)
    I made so little effort this week, it was like, "Er, shove a floral skirt on!!" and the annoying thing is that I had really suitable items SOMEWHERE in my house!!

    1. Hey Kezzie, thanks for commenting. I am not sure what you mean about the stripes comment though. I am going to stop by your blog today!

  5. And my favourite vintage comedy from the UK (like me!) is 'The Good life'!

  6. ooooo 2 outfits in one post! they both look outstanding. :)

  7. I love your shoes in both of these options! I must admit that I'm drawn to all things teal, but I am in love with your skirt in your first outfit picture!!


  8. I like both outfits i think they look great on you. I used to have the green printed top too..hehe. The blue color block skirt is very pretty. I think the necklace is such a thoughtful gift. By the way you have got a really nice shoe collection too


  9. Love the way you styled both looks! Very cute!

  10. i like both the outfits! you have great shoes, i have to say. the denim jacket is a good choice, it's such a classic and goes with everything!

  11. Cute skirt! I'm trying to incorporate more pattern to my wardrobe, just for the fun of it.
    Could I ask for a favor? I've been having difficulty with the new blogger editor. I can't rotate my pictures to vertical position. When I upload they automatically turn horizontal. Would you share how you rotate your pictures to vertical?
    Thank you, Grace!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

    1. Hey there LeAnne! I use Photoshop to resize my photos but I know you can turn photos around using Paint as well. Do you have either of those?