Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting Floral

It's been so gorgeous out today I couldn't resist wearing this floral top from H&M I bought a few months ago.  I am starting to get into florals, but have not had the guts to invest in a pair of floral pants or jeans just yet so this was a good compromise.

I love the butterfly sleeves

Top: H&M $9.99
Capris: From Singapore
Shoes: From Singapore (Sorry I cannot remember the brands but they were from a big mall called CK Tang)
Bag: Thrifted, new with tag, $8.00
Sunnies: H&M $6.95

What do you think of the floral trend hitting the fashion scene this season, do you think this will  transcend to be a classic look each spring?


  1. very pretty floral top, I like this casual relaxed look, the gold bag is fabulous ..so are the matching pumps. I think florals are always in. They just come in different styles, sometimes dresses, sometimes top, and now pants.


  2. I haven't seen this style of pants before... I like it! Looks really cool on you.

    As for the florals, I think printed pants will go away soon. However that top is super flattering on you. Keep up the good work!