Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Designing Your Own Fabric

I have started working on my yellow chairs and boy, are those chairs a big mess inside! As I took them apart, the inside had already rotted and all the foam had turned into powder. Cough, cough! It was BAD.

Anyway, I am looking everywhere for a Union Jack fabric but cannot find one which is the right scale and size. I spent a long time online looking overseas as well, thinking that perhaps in the UK, they might sell some Union Jack inspired fabric. But no. All they have are flags, and I can't work with polyesters.

Imagine my happiness and surprise when I found this website, Spoonflower. You can design your own fabric using any sort of drawing software and they will print it for you! They have a selection of fabrics that you can choose, from quilting cottons to thicker ones used for home decor. The prices are quite good as well! I was so thrilled.

You get to see and buy other people's creations online and they get 10% from it. If someone buys your design, you will get a 10% from sales. By the way, I am not getting paid for this - it is just a useful resource for sewers and crafters when they cannot get the fabric they want.

I am off to experiment with this website! Enjoy!

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  1. Hahaha! I'm excited for you. I can just picture your chairs with your Union Jack dresser!