Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I went to the thrift store with Matt on the same day we went to Michael's. The Goodwill in this area sometimes has some really wonderful antiques but most of the time, I walk away without buying much. However, this time, I spied something so wonderful and rare, I could not resist taking a photo of it.

It is a piano made in the 1800s and it was in pristine condition! I happened to see a similar piano like this during one of the field trips to a historical house where George Washington used to visit but I was astounded that this was just sitting in the thrift store, thrown away by a family!

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary antique dining table with exceptionally thick sides. The little white thing on top of the piano was a sticker which said, "SOLD." Look at it here, the wood still in good condition, hardly any scratches or blemishes on it.

 When you open it, voila, there is a "hidden" piano inside! Totally beautiful and so rare! I would not have bought it because it was so chunky but someone had obviously seen its value and bought  it for $3500  What a bargain for a beauty!

What lovely legs it had!

There were also other goodies there and all furniture was on 50% off that day. There was a Jenny Lind bed there priced at $23 and after the discount, it would have been about $13 after tax! A good spray paint job would have modernized it like a fellow blogger did below. I did not take a picture because the bed was not assembled, it had been taken apart and leaned against the wall. Here is an example taken from Google.

 However, I stopped when I saw a pair of orange chairs. They were so ugly but the architecture of the legs and arms were begging for a reupholstery job. My other chair is on its final stages of finishing, I have stopped because my teacher went back to Australia for a holiday but I started again yesterday. A light went off in my mind as I considered the possibilities. Each of the chairs cost $55.00 and after 50% that would make them both $55.00. However, one of them was very shaky as there was something wrong with the legs so I just took one. The cashier looked asked me if I wanted to take 2 but I told him the problem. He said he would give me a discount and priced the chair at $15. I said I would take it at $10. He said, "SOLD!" I did an inner leap of happiness! I love a good haggle! Both chairs cost me $37 after tax, which brings it down to about $18 each. Still expensive for a thrift find but hey, we live in the DC area and thrift stores are more expensive up here!

So here was my very unusual birthday gift from Matt!

I know...I have a bit of this feeling of, "What were you thinking of!?" but I had a vision of this:

I know, it's not quite the same sort of shape but I will have a lot of fun making up my own fabric (I intend to make it myself as you can't really use the same material as the flag to upholster, it is not strong) and I hope to sell it after I am done with it! Very excited about those chairs!

A great day of interesting bits and pieces!

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