Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Discount Magazines

I love shopping on the internet, in the US sometimes it is cheaper to buy it online than from the stores. Take our toilets, for instance. We went to the shop that sold Toto toilets and as much as we wanted to support the local business, we were to be charged about $1,500 for three toilets. We ordered everthing online and it was under $1,000 with free shipping. Not only that, it arrived in 4 days' time, whereas the local shop said they had to place a special order in for the toilets.

Anyway, I subscribe to many magazines and I have always wanted to subscribe to the Architecture's Digest magazine. If I subscribed the normal way, which is contacting them directly, or via Amazon or some merchant, it would cost me a yearly fee of $59. There are these discount places that have daily deals going on. I am happy to say that I was able to subscribe to the magazine for $5.99 per year, inclusive of shipping!

This is probably nothing new for most Americans but for me, coming from a place where deep discounts are not the norm, this is like scoring big! So much so that I have to blog about it! :)

Here is the price before discount:

After clicking in a coupon code, the price is $5.99! SWEET!

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