Sunday, January 9, 2011

Visiting Michael's

There are a couple of large craft shops in the USA and I had to go get some gesso for some art work that I am painting (I will blog about that later) to prime the canvas so Matt took me to Michaels.We did several things on Friday - which will have its own separate post - but I am so lucky to have such a husband who enjoys going to places like these with me and is so patient to drive me everywhere I want to go as I am not a confident driver yet.

Michaels' is HUGE.  It looks like a huge warehouse with lots of goodies inside. It would be my idea of heaven!

Rows and rows of things to inspire your creativity! There were cupcake making sections, cake making, decoupage, art supplies, clay making, candle making, punchcrafting, scrapbooking. There were loads of fake plants too which I didn't take any photos of.

Seriously, why would I want to leave the USA? :)

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