Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Chair

Yesterday I worked on the cushion of my chair and my teacher taught me a short cut in making a box cushion. It is a very clever way to do it, and I will try to make a tutorial on how to do it his way. He says it is the way upholsterers use because they do not have time to pin three different layers, with piping etc. However, in doing it his way, my sewing was all crooked and the end result is a very unsatisfactory seat for the chair! I am not a good sewer and no doubt those who are proficient with the sewing machine will find it easy with a short cut method!

Here is the almost finished chair. I still have to do a double cording around the arms, chairs - notice where the brown cardboard is? I am going to hot glue the cords to it when I am done. I also do not like the finish of the wood - it seems too pale and blends in with the colour of the fabric. I think I should have chosen a fabric that was more of a contrast with the wood.

Here it was what it was like before:

This is it now:

  What do you think? Should I darken the wood?


  1. Did you do this entire upholstery job yourself? I would love to tackle something like this. I just don't think I have the capacity to do it.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Hi Mr Goodwill Hunting! So glad you stopped by to comment on my blog. I am taking lessons - I saw your post on upholstering furniture too. Looking back, I think I would have spent less on sending it to an upholsterer to do the job, if you count the cost of the tools and classes! The upside is that I found it so rewarding and I think I am brave enough to try something on my own now that I am done one chair.

  3. Hi Grace, Thank You so very much for sharing the experience of re-upholstering. I LOVE the finished comfy chair. It is beautiful. I like the light colored wood. It reminds me of casual, French country,Beautiful!! I have a similar chair that I love reading in. Keep up the great work. Congrats!!!