Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thrift Store Find

We were shopping for a piano yesterday (still haven't decided on one yet) and on a whim, I asked my lovely husband if I could stop by Goodwill. We dropped by and there was nothing there. Things are getting so expensive there! I was shocked - a mirror for $250?? I walked out, disappointed.

On the way back, there was a man standing by the side of the road with a signage that read, "NAMI Thrift Store" My dear husband said, "Wanna stop here?" The boys were in the back seat, reading. They are used to this frequent stops, I love them so much!

I was doubtful but never one to pass off and opportunity to visit any thrift stores, I said yes. Oh. I am so glad I did. They had lovely furniture for REAL thrift store prices. Okay, we live near DC where everything is expensive. I should have taken pictures. There was a pair of cane barrel chairs, just like the one I bought recently but just when I was about to pick them up, the lady at the store said to me, "Have you seen this chair?"

There she was. Lovely lines and curves. She was a lady's chair. Beautiful wood and good frame.She came with a footstool. $25.00. Of course I took her home. She is going to be mine and I am not going to sell her. There is nothing wrong with her, except for scratches and I plan to reupholster her as soon as I decide on the fabric. I think something traditional or plain would suit this chair. I am going to try to refinish the wood and not paint it, it would be a crime.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this exciting find of yours :-) Of course you must keep it! By the way, you want to open a thrift store in AS so I can indulge in this passion too? :-) :-) :-)