Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Is Here

We moved into our new home, not realising that our driveway is lined by cherry blossom trees. So to our delight, last week, we saw these lovely cherry blossoms peeking out of their buds.  Today, some of them are already in full bloom whilst others are still bare.

 The tree on the right has a branch which was badly hacked off. I did not notice this until I took photos today and it is something I must address! Can you see the little "treehouse" on the left?

 A view of our case you were wondering what that patch of grass is in the middle - it is the septic tank. We dug it up in August last year to do an inspection when we bought the place.

And I just had to enlarge this photo, it is my favourite...oh I love pink!

Beautiful trees, beautiful flowers.

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