Monday, April 11, 2011

Ethical Question

I have been thinking about the topic of copying work that one sees in catalogues, websites or even other people's work that you admire - for yourself and not for commercial purposes. Some of the pieces are so far out of reach financially, which is why people take it upon themselves to build or make things that they want. I think it is a very good way to save money and be creative at the same time. I felt no qualms when it came to building a bookcase that looked like one from CB2.  However, what if it was another artist's work?

The reason I ask this is because I love an artist's work and I wrote to him, asking him about the price of his beautiful painting, which I saw on a magazine. It was Australian $6,000, which works out to be the same amount in US dollars. That did not include the $200 shipping costs from Australia to here. While I believe his work is worth every penny because it is so beautiful, I cannot justify that right now, perhaps even, never. However, my blank walls are screaming for some art work and I thought to myself, "Can I copy it myself?"

So this is where it bothers me... is it right to do something like that? Can someone point me in the right way? I don't know why I feel so hesitant when it comes to art. It is a bit more personal, the creator of it made it to be something original, it was his idea and my conscience is prickling a little.


  1. it really depends...but if I put myself in the artist's shoes, I would be upset if someone copied my work and put them up for sale. But if someone copied my work just for his own enjoyment, I guess it's more acceptable. Some of the artists' works are reproduced in calendars or posters, you can framed those up, it's a lot cheaper.

    love, mongs

  2. Thanks Mongs for your input. I have been talking to a friend who is a patent attorney and he said it was fine to copy, and he reiterated what you said, I was not to sell it. The other thing is not to say that your copied work is his/her work. I am working on something that I wanted to share on the blogsphere but a bit afraid of the repercussions, legally. I need to speak to another patent attorney before I am confident enough to do so!