Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Skirt

Last year, I began seeing this trend of bright floral pants, and I thought it was too much and not for me. However, as I saw more bloggers and celebrities wearing the print, the trend began to grow on me.

I saw a few options being sold online and for a full price but I hesitated because I was reluctant to purchase something that was very risky and might not last more than 2 seasons. Yeah, I hoard all my stuff, including clothes so I do not want to throw something out just because it is no longer fashionable.

One of my most favourite thing to do while thrifting now is looking for bedsheets with interesting prints or larger sized clothing, so that I can have a chance to be creative. I look for thrifted because I still make many mistakes when it comes to sewing!

I found this at the fabric stash and it cost $4 for 4 yards. The fabric was a little stiff, and I was wondering about making a pair of pants. 

I have never sewn with a pattern and all the sewing I have done to date is drafted by me. Sometimes I just trace off a well fitted garment and cross my fingers that it will work out. I decided to start with a skirt because I figured I have enough fabric to sew both a skirt and pants. These skirts were my inspirations.

 Dolce & Gabbana

I wish I knew the source of this skirt.

Has it been that long since I drafted a pattern? After painstakingly being so careful be detailed with the sewing, even unpicking several times because the zipper looked crooked, and hand sewing the waistband, I put on the skirt and realised that I forgot to include an ease. NO EASE = NO ROOM! Argh! I could not tuck a shirt in, so I had to settle for a t-shirt.

The front looks ok. But it is very tight, I have to hold my belly in so that I can zip it up. 

Overall, I was very pleased with both the quality of the fabric and my sewing, I seem to be getting better at the details but I obviously need to work on my drafting. 

Back to the drawing board! 

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