Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Thrift Finds

It is a beautiful fall day, top of 22 deg C and I have the clothes hanging on the line. A great opportunity for photos! Only my camera is playing up and does not seem to focus well, so I have had to do a lot of sharpening in Photoshop. Sorry that my pictures are grainy for this reason.

I have not been to a thrift store for a while because no one enjoys it as much as I do and usually I have to drag the whole family out with me. My boys hate it so they sit in the car, waiting for me while I rush through the store, looking for bargains. On Friday (the boys had a day off school) I stopped by Nami Thrift Store in Rockville - a reader asked me where I shopped. I usually like the thrift stores near Bethesda, Potomac and Rockville because a more affluent demographic lives in these areas. (Kennedy family, diplomats etc..you get the picture) So the donated items are usually pretty good finds.

I found this leather jacket in the store and there was a 10% mark down on it. It was a tad too big for me but I held on to it, thinking that if I didn't wear it, I could sell it. The tag said, 100% leather and the lining 100% polyester.

I am wearing it here today with another thrifted sweater I got from Goodwill in Rockville for $4.98 (yes, it is funny how they price them) You can see even though it is a size S, it is too big for me.

Here I am standing in my back yard. My neigbour, who is a farmer, was out in his tractor and I was hurriedly taking my picture and hoping he would not see me.

I am wearing a pair of jeans I found at the NAMI thrift store and because it was a size 2, I snapped it up at once, as size 0 and 2 are rare finds in thrift stores. It was a bit loose but I thought a belt would be fine. It was only after I took this photo below that I realized how baggy it looks on me. I don't have a lot of jeans, maybe 3 in my closet so I am holding on to these to wear to things like the boys' school and for wearing around the house.

Other things I am wearing:
Pink Sweater: Thrifted $4.98
DKNY jeans: Thrifted $2
Boots: My own, a 70% markdown from Macy's. They have lasted me 2 years.


  1. A baggy pair of pants can always come in handy. The look works even if a bit oversized. If you really love the jacket, it could probably be taken in somewhat.

  2. Hi Jenifir,
    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I like your suggestion of taking it in professionally as I can only do basic sewing. I think I may have found one near me.

  3. great finds! The pink cardi doesn't look too big, it's a cute color! The jacket is really a thrifty find