Monday, October 17, 2011

Red Challenge

I joined a challenge on Aqua Seventy Six blog and they featured me on their blog.This is the first time I have done anything like this so it was really fun, I had to go into my closet, look through what I owned and tried to match them. I tend to just grab what is tried and tested, wear it over and over again. I am also not very good at accessorizing and lately, I have been reading some fashion blogs just to get a better idea of how to match things.

At first, I put on this red dress, which is new - remember I talked about finding a couple of stores that fit me? This red dress is from Alloy and although it is a site for teens, I thought this would be a nice dress for me to wear on a date night with my husband. I read the reviews and everyone said that it ran small. I am a size XS for their clothes and I decided to order one size up. When it arrived, I tried it out and it was very tight. I did not like the way it stretched over my top and it was so tight that it hitched up everytime I walked. I am returning it and exchanging it for a size M. Fortunately for me - everything is free to return it via mail. This is why shopping can be a trap here if I am not careful. They make it so easy!

Excuse the blurriness of the picture and the mess in my bathroom.

In the next picture, I was trying to see if I could put on a jacket - this was a thrifted Steve Madden that I got for $10 and the belt is vintage, it belonged to my mother. She threw out a whole stack of belts and I grabbed them all. My husband did not like the combination because he said it didn't seem to go together. I kind of agree but I don't have anything right now in my closet that would be suitable for the colder weather. I also lack accessories! However, I am going to take it slow with my acquisitions because I want to be thrifty about it all and not just buy blindly. In the end, I abandoned this idea for the red challenge because the dress was new (the rules are the clothes have to be thrifted or something we already own) so I submitted another one that made it to the Aqua Seventy Six blog.

Red dress: Alloy $36, get it here
Boots: Ann Klein, Zappos $49 (on sale) not sure if you can still get them.
Jacket: Steve Madden, thrifted $10
Belt: Vintage, my mother's.

I have recently started following Aqua Seventy Six, so go check them out and join in their fun challenges!

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