Sunday, February 15, 2009


Some of the students at the school I teach at made a diorama of the Twelve Apostles and I thought, "Luckily when I was in school, I never had to do any of this rubbish!" I thought rather smugly.

When I went home that day, my Grade 1 son gave me a sheet from school.

"School Project: Diorama." It read. "You are to work with your child to make an Animal Diorama and a presentation about the habitat of the animal of your child's choice." Super.

We had a week to finish it because J had been ill and absent from school for almost a week. This weekend, we all chipped in and put together this snake diorama. It was really fun. Even the youngest joined in to collect twigs and stones. J and C cut up the bushes and made them into 3-D shapes.

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