Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inspired By Pinterest: Recycled Scarf

 I saw this wonderful tutorial on how to make a scarf out of an old T-shirt, I was just itching to have a go at this project. It is better to get the largest t-shirt you can find so that you will have more rings. More rings = longer scarf = more warmth.  I apologise for the grainy quality of the pictures here, I am using my old iPhone 3GS in a night time setting. Here is a new with tag shirt I picked up from a thrift store. If it weren't a size M, I would have been tempted to keep it!

I cut it in 1 inch strips.

Laid them all out on the table:

Tied them together and it was a fairly long scarf.

I like to wear my scarf pretty tight because I want to keep warm. Excuse the miserable rag of a dish towel in the background.

Pretty pleased with how quick it is to make this. I will make another two more - this time I will try to do them in tighter circles.


  1. That's cool. My mum has a whole Pinterest board of necklaces, scarves and cloth flowers made out of old tees. She's way more creative than I am. Wish I inherited that gene!

    1. What is your mom's pinterest page. Would love to see more ideas.

  2. nice, I like it! You chose a great color too. Thanks for sharing, I love T-shirt recycle craft. By the way, thanks for your lovely comments, my cuff is from M)phosis


  3. Hey, this project is so satisfying (if u know what I mean). My only problem is the weather - it never warrants the use of a scarf here :( So I shall just have to admire yours :-)

  4. Lee Fun, the scarf can be worn as an accessory. It is so thin that it doesn't provide that much warmth, I had to twirl it around my neck three times to make it thicker. Even then, it would be more of a Fall scarf because it wouldn't protect much from the biting cold that hits us here. So give it a go! I am heading off to the thrift store today, men's clothes are 50% off and there were so many large t-shirts for $0.75. Perfect for crafting!