Friday, August 26, 2011

Back In Town!

We have been back a week, and experienced our second earthquake and facing the impending wrath of Hurricane Irene this weekend. We are gearing ourselves up for power outage, stocking up food, water, batteries and withdrawing cash. After that harrowing tremor on Tuesday, I am a little anxious about this hurricane. Maybe we should have delayed our return by two weeks! :)

We had such a blast with our summer vacation and I will post photos of them online soon. Our family is trying to adjust to the different time frame as we were living in a place which was 12 hours ahead of our time here.

One thing I missed for sure is thrifting. There are not many places in Malaysia where one can thrift and in Australia, the prices, plus the fall of the US dollar against most currencies has made the thrift stores (or Op Shops as they call it locally) too expensive to be considered an "opportunity" at all.


  1. Looking forward to read about your thrifting & craft adventures :-)

  2. hello grace. I missed this post. Hope to see your photos soon! Thank you very much for your thoughtful words by the way! Have a lovely week!