Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Won!

My sister Jo-Ann always seems to be winning a lot of contests. I shall name some of them - those I can remember anyway.

She won an Air Asia trip - the first prize - to a U2 concert to London from Malaysia. Free hotel, free flights everything! It was an amazing trip for her as she is such a huge fan of U2.

Then last year in Dec, she flew to Perth, Australia for another U2 concert (told ya she was a crazy fan) and her sister in law submitted a photo of them doing some jumping shots by the beach. They won AUD$300 of free flights with Jetstar.

She has won a digital recorder, and once, she was the first caller to identify a song playing on a radio station and won RM$2000 which went towards fixing her car. She also won a Nokia state of the art cell phone.

I asked her how she got so lucky and she said that she entered everything. I guess it's simple, the odds increase as you enter more competitions. So I heeded her advice and started entering blog giveaways.

I took part in this giveaway with Three Men and a Lady, a blog I love because the lady, Michelle has such an amazing DIY spirt and so talented in designing her own space. She has really inspired me to do a lot more DIY at home. It was a Novica gift card for US$50 and all we had to do was leave my comment. I did so, not expecting much. Yesterday morning, I opened up my Google Reader, coffee in hand and saw she had announced a winner.

"...and the winner is, No 5, "Life On Planet Mum." I jerked, spilling the coffee over my tracksuit pants (fortunately not the keyboard!) and I had to check it twice in case my eyes were deceiving me.

I am elated. It has inspired me to join more giveaways and contests. Thank you Michelle for the giveaway, I cannot wait to spend it and Jo-Ann for your bit of good advice!


  1. Yay! Congrats and enjoy your win!!

  2. Congrats Grace. WOW! I shd start joining some competitions myself :-) :-)