Monday, March 1, 2010

Secretary Find

I spotted a secretary for $100 on Craiglist and I was thrilled because these things cost $600-$700 in Craiglist usually. As we are quite new to the USA, we have not really seen these types of desks before so I was really fascinated by the lines and concept of it.
It had some minor imperfections like hinges not working, sides falling off and cracks. The lock was missing a key but I knew I could replace it on Lee Harvey, Canada's best hardware shop.

 So I got to work, removing all the shelves, doors and drawer pulls. Had to buy new ones to modernize the look. I chose a cream white colour but halfway through sanding, I realised that there was a tricky bit that I could not reach with a brush so I had to buy a spray paint. They only come in one colour, not the one I had ordered mixed for me. It was a heirloom white, just slightly off white.

This is the part I am having a tough time with. I cannot remove the little shelves - if I do, I would not know how to put them back together. I sanded as much as I could but still it was not very good. After I spray painted it with primer, I noticed there were streaks of primer dripping down due to gravity, leaving it to dry with these streaks. I sanded it but without success as my fingers cannot reach those narrow areas. I hope that it is not noticeable to others and my only consolation is that it will remain closed so no one will see it that much.

More pictures to come!

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