Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Being Inspired

Eversince I saw Jenny's art piece at the American School Silent Auction, I have been in a sort of frenzy trying to glean as much inspiration as possible from books and magazines. I have been looking at art books, craft books and even how to write creatively. I am just so hungry to create something but the stuff is all stuck inside of me.

Jenny and I met up shortly after that auction and I told her that I was not creative. I could make things using patterns or copying other people's ideas, but never make anything from scratch. She said something that has stuck in my mind, "You say you are not creative because you are afraid to lose control and not allow yourself to make mistakes."

Know what? She was right! I have a huge blank canvas, 40" by 40" in my storage, waiting to be painted upon since we moved into our Woodlands flat almost 2 years ago! I know what I want to do with it but I am afraid of mucking up because I have never attempted to paint on such a large piece of canvas before. Due to that, it remains empty. How ridiculous am I!

Now, I feel ready to explore and Jenny suggested that I go for a walk with Matt, completely blindfolded and trust that Matt will lead me in safety. She promised that it would be a liberating exercise. While I don't think I am going to do that, I think that am ready to start on a smaller scale. I am going to start experimenting with fabrics first as I have so much of it at home! When something comes into fruition, I will post it here.

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