Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I had an unexpected two days off work and I was very productive! I had to go out shopping for some fancy ribbons. There are not that many good craft stores in Singapore - I went to Spotlight and Quilts and Sew Forth to search for these ribbons. The lady who worked at QNSF referred me to a shop just around Aliwal Street, which sold wholesale amounts of ribbon! Unfortunately the name was not an easy one to remember, like Chye Keng Siong shop or something like that.

I went into the shop and looked everywhere, so I asked the man who ran the little shop if he had the woven ribbons (he was tailing me, which I found disconcerting) He replied, without looking for the item, "Oh, don't have." Another sterling example of customer service there! As it was a quirky shop with goodies hidden from view, I finally spotted the ribbons behind another stack of ribbons. These were expensive. The shop generally sold ribbons by the rolls but he sold these by the metre! He told me that it was old stock I was buying and it had been in his shop for more than 10 years!

Sorry about the picture quality, it was taken with one hand and a shutter speed of 1/15 per second....

Happy with my purchase, I headed home and got down to work.

I cut out 9 pockets, deliberately making angles and lines which were not symmetrical.

I used my scrap fabrics, given to me by my girlfriend, Christina who had used them for her upholstery and curtains. These are a mixture of silks and heavy cottons from Jim Thompson. I love how the ribbons add a bohemian look to my quilt. This is the first quilt that I truly LOVE - all others I like but they are usually made for others in mind.


This is the backing. I combined the fabrics - it seems like this is the latest trend now, to make the backing as interesting as the front. It won't be seen though because I am going to hang it up.

It ended up to be quite a heavy quilt. I did not use any batting at all because it was so thick.

By the way, I am a little challenged in the photo taking department at the moment. The sensors in my D70s has become weaker, thus the photos look very dark in natural light. I have to stand in the sunlight AND use a flash! Time to upgrade I think. The camera has been around since 2005.

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